Individual and couples therapy in English, Bulgarian and Russian.


As a therapist, I believe that we, humans strive toward self-realization. My goal is to assist you in removing obstacles on your way toward happier life.

If you are considering psychotherapy, this information might help you to decide whether I am the right therapist for you.

I believe that people have an innate potential to change, grow and attain their fullest potential. I often witnessed how this process goes through painful experiences, crisis and suffering. Psychotherapy can provide a support and comfort in those challenging times and I can help you through guidance and compassionate listening to sort things out and raise more confident and better prepared to cope with what life brings.

I draw from different therapy approaches based on the need of my clients and their specific situations. My primary theoretical orientation is Humanistic Existential, but I am somehow eclectic in my choice of approach as I incorporate a mélange of techniques from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Systems and Family, Solution- Focused and Psychodynamic Therapy. I envision the therapeutic process as a journey toward self-exploration and achievement of fulfilling life. My role will be to support you and remove the road blocks on your way.

The ultimate goal is your well-being.

Listen to your difficult emotions. They are trying to help you wake up to what is going on before a major crisis occurs.

Dr. John Gottman